Friday, November 22, 2013

I Am The Goldilocks of Jewelry


When it comes to accessories and jewelry, I'm a *touch* particular. For daily life,  I like wearing pieces I can always keep on. The past year, that has meant five thin gold bands and one vintage diamond ring (my mom's first ring she bought when she moved to England from India), small gold hoops with a few small diamonds in each lobe, a gold hoop through my helix piercing, a Lakshmi ring in my daith piercing (pierced at NY Adorned by J Colby Smith), and a fine gold chain strung through a single diamond pendant and a small NYC MTA subway token that was in circulation from 1953 til 1970. 

If something isn't comfortable, I won't wear it, whether it's clothing, footwear, or jewelry. I used to be into bangles or bracelets in university, but the amount of clanking and noise they made during classes was a pretty quick deterrent in continuing to wear them (nothing quite makes you reevaluate your accessories like being side-eyed during exams).
The last thing I'll wear in the dead of summer or winter is a huge piece of metal anything. It either scalds me or is icy against my skin, respectively. Too hot or too cold sensations have left me feeling like the Goldilocks of jewelry selection. Recently, I've found literal comfort in the simplicity of pieces from E C FREED Jewelry. The Chain & Stone Bracelet (shown below) that I bought wears close to the skin with ease and understated elegance. A bit of wiggle room to slide down the wrist, but nothing too large like a bangle would wear. Emma Freed hand-makes each piece and can customize the pieces in several ways in order to meet different size requirements or colour preferences. While the E C FREED piece I gravitated towards is dainty, there are many motifs and elements in the range, such as evil eyes, elephants (!!!!!), hamsa hands and more, so there's definitely something for everyone. I urge everyone to check out E C FREED Jewelry on Facebook here and reach out to Emma here to place an order, because everyone can always use a little adornment during the holidays, am I right?   

E C FREED Chain & Stone bracelet (centre)
How sweet is this presentation? Love.

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