Sunday, November 24, 2013

When Life Hands You Lemons: Citrus Fragrances

I am not a person with a signature scent. As far as fragrance style goes, I may go in and out of phases with one specific fragrance, but I am always open to something new! While I suppose this isn't quite the season for citrus scents (and I'm admittedly in a woody fragrance phase), I was staring at my fragrances lined up along my bathroom vanity and felt compelled to share some of my favourite bright scents with y'all. Apply liberally.

This fragrance is fairly new to me, and to the general public, as Sonia Kashuk recently launched her bath & body line at Target (and Target Canada!). Out of the four fragrance variations in the collection, this is the one I've taken to the most. The price point is downright fair ($20), and the grapefruit and verbena notes are bright without being overwhelming or slapping you upside the head with a crate of lemons thanks to the addition of musk at the heart of the fragrance.

I first came across Atelier Cologne when I was interning at Bergdorfs in 2011 and I was intrigued, but never committed to a purchase. I was at Sephora this past March (shocking, I know) and was told the creators of the brand were going to be in-store, so I was booked in to return a few hours later for a walk-through of the brand offerings. I became completely infatuated with Trèfle Pur because it was a citrus fragrance that stayed citrusy and didn't fade within an hour of wearing it, which is a common qualm with citrus scents. The notes include bitter orange, cardamom, neroli, and patchouli moss. It's definitely a unisex scent, but I have no intention of sharing this giant 200 mL bottle with anyone since I've actually put a considerable dent in it since purchasing it. The day I was in-store for the event, I was also given a 30 mL purse spray that was housed in a monogrammed leather case (pictured below). This purse spray was the best reprieve for my nose from the stench of the Annex this past summer.

Another gigantic 200 mL bottle of citrus goodness that I love so dearly. I first smelled this when hovering around the Chanel counter at Holts in summer 2010 and it was actually the first beauty product I bought when I moved to Manhattan that summer. It was before Chanel started offering the 75 mL format that was much more travel-friendly, but that hardly mattered to me. I bought my own atomizer and carried this fragrance everywhere with me. Mandarin orange, bergamot, neroli and petitgrain make this a very bright, refreshing version of a very traditional concept.

While I've never been crazy about most Fresh scents that other people are fanatical about (Sugar, Sugar Lemon, Brown Sugar, Sugar Lychee... at which point, I realize I'm not the biggest gourmand scent fan), but when this one was announced, I was curious. I was told it was going to be a significant departure from the fragrances of the brand, so I couldn't wait to try it. This fragrance is composed in a slightly different way than others, since it's four different fragrances that were then combined to create this delightful eau de parfum. The notes that hit me the most include velvet bergamot, grapefruit, warm orange, magnolia, and sweet cucumber. The drydown is warm for a fairly citrusy scent. This one is awesome in all iterations, whether it's the eau de parfum, the candle or the body oil. It's supposed to launch soon at Sephora Canada, so keep your eyes peeled for it and give it a spritz when you see it! 

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