Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brow Biz - My Preferred Products

Continuing on from the last post regarding Benefit's Brow Bar, I thought I'd outline some of my favourite brow products and explain why they're so splendid. I'd like to note that while I don't really put much effort in hair removal (occasional tweezing is the extent of my shaping process), I do fill in my brows habitually, even if it's 6:30 am, completely dark out and I'm only going to the gym. My brows are not the standard shape, in that they sort of slope downwards at the ends, so there's a fair bit of tweaking with the shape when I fill them in to even things out. After years of oscillating between pencils, waxes, powders and liquid formulas, I think I've determined what I truly love (powder brow cake brushed on and set with a clear gel), but that doesn't mean there aren't a flurry of formulations that are well worth your attention!

It took two Youtube videos to convince me I had to at least see this brow cake in person. I'm actually thrilled I made the couple-block stroll to The Bay to creep the Illamasqua counter, because the content of this lil compact is bloody brilliant. It's a killer shade of medium-deep brown that isn't too cool-toned and is somewhat universal in nature (though there are other shades available in the same formulation). I say it's universal because I've seen blondes sport this shade, and it looks natural on them, and it magically suits me as well. I don't know what that science is, but what I do know is that this stuff lasts all day with no fading or patchiness, can be applied wet or dry (I prefer dry), and that it has wonderful pigmentation. I've put a dent in it since grabbing it last month, and we all know that that's a statement for me!

There's nothing particularly fancy about this angled brush. To most, I suppose if you've used one angled brush, you've used them all, but what I appreciate about this brush is the price point ($14!) and the fact that I can use it horizontally for filling in the thinnest part of my brows without colouring outside the lines per se, and I can use it vertically to get a softer effect when filling in the front of my brows, which I don't really want too dark at all. It's just a handy brush to have around, and I'd hate to be without it. 

Admittedly, metal lash combs used to scare the crap out of me. I mean...what if you hit your lids, or obviously far worse, your actual eyeballs?! It gave me anxiety just thinking about it, but clearly I got past that fear at some point, because this lash and brow grooming brush ended up in my possession and now I can't go a single day without using at least one if not both sides of this great tool (shoutout to the first Youtube account I ever subscribed to, PIXIWOO, specifically Samantha Chapman, who created this brush range!). I use it before, during and after filling in my brows, and I use it to brush the next product through my brows for a bit of texture. 

When I first came across this product at NKPR's holiday preview in July, I had a couple questions. 1) Why is "browmousse" one word? 2) Why is it a mousse and not a gel when it looks like a gel? I never received an answer to that first question, but I did ask Tweezerman Canada's brow expert the second question and she explained that the clear formula is lighter than gel, so they dubbed it a mousse due to a slightly less dense texture (it's not air-whipped like a mousse, don't get too excited). I can't really remark on the lightness of the texture, to me it applies like every other brow gel, but the difference I've found with this formula is that it doesn't flake or lose hold throughout the day. Everything stays in place, but I don't feel like I've glued my brows down. The worst is when you raise your brows as one does when they have facial reactions to different scenarios and you feel your brows. I don't ever really want to be that aware of my brow gel, so this one is great for solid hold without the weird shellacked-to-your-head sensation. Keeper.  

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