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Mascaras... a quickie post.

Gonna try to do a quick mascara post...quick implying I won't ramble on forever about any particular product, but maybe hit on a pro/con er two for each product and a simple yes or no for planned repurchase. Let's face it though, I try new products more than I repurchase old faithfuls. I'm a "risktaker" like that. It's a mascara, not a car. LE denotes Limited Edition. HTF denotes Hard to Find. All products were inevitable in the shades Black/Blackest Black/Blacker than Black unless otherwise noted.

Product: CoverGirl LashBlast (original, orange tube)
Pros: great volume, easy to build up, price, formula is designed to NOT migrate on the eye :)
Cons: the molded plastic wand is apparently not foolproof (though I've never poked myself in the eye with it, but that's a common complaint), bulky tube
Repurchase again?: Yes. Have and will repurchase.

Product: CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion (purple tube)
Pros: RELIABLE clean definition/volume, price, never needs to be combed through the lashes, auto-separates!
Cons: molded plastic wand (personally, I ain't mad at it), bulky tube
Repurchase again?: Yes. Have and will repurchase.

Product: CoverGirl LastBlast Length (yellow tube)
Pros: lengthening formula, price, skinny wand to get into corners of eye without hitting your eye
Cons: the wand doesn't seem to pick up on that much product
Repurchase again?: No, I can live without it.

Product: L'Oreal Lash Out (HTF)
Pros: teddy bear brush, creamy formula with protein complex (who knew!), price
Cons: lots of product on the wand, must comb through lashes with spare spoolie
Repurchase again?: Sure, it's a nice dupe for Burberry's mascara.

Product: YSL Faux Cils
Pros: volume building formula (hence the name, fake lashes), lovely heavy tube (make sure you hear the audible click to ensure it's closed properly!)
Cons: excess product on wand, dries out quickly, price
Repurchase again?: No. Been there, done that, wasn't all that smitten. Plus L'Oreal Voluminous is a dupe.

Product: Chantecaille Faux Cils
Pros: fantastic formula on a simple teddy bear brush, leaves lashes soft, great packaging
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: Yes. This wand fans lashes out and delivers better on the product name than YSL did.

Product: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (original)
Pros: great formula (almost gel-like?) that glides on with ease, fantastic brush (once you know how to use it), lovely heavy packaging
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: Yes. Have repurchased, love it, fave mascara.

Product: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Excess (possibly LE)
Pros: very interesting brush, easy-to-apply formula
Cons: price, fragrance of formula (reminiscent of Maybelline Lash Stiletto formula scent, not good!)
Repurchase again?: Yes. However, I'm more likely to purchase the original GA ETK formula.

Product: Burberry Effortless mascara
Pros: teddy bear brush, creamy formula, awesome tube
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No. Great to try, great product, easily realized L'Oreal Lash Out is basically the same for a lower price.

Product: L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Pros: volume-building, dupe for YSL Faux Cils, price
Cons: wet formula that needs to dry out a little before ideal consistency is achieved, can be a bitch to remove if the Carbon Black formula is purchased (so beware!)
Repurchase again?: Yes.

Product: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Mascara (HTF in NYC)
Pros: fantastically fanned-out doll-eye lashes, price
Cons: molded plastic brush-head (be mindful when getting to the lash roots), clunky tube
Repurchase again?: Yes. So pleased!

Product: Maybelline Falsies
Pros: curved brush, wetter formula, price
Cons: needs to be combed through lashes with spare spoolie
Repurchase again?: No. Results weren't worth the effort.

Product: Maybelline Full'n'Soft
Pros: allegedly beneficial formula for lashes, hypoallergenic, washable mascara, great definition for everyday wear, price
Cons: none, really.
Repurchase again?: Always. It's a great go-to if my eyes are tired or ragey from too much eye makeup the day before.

Product: Maybelline Lash Stiletto
Pros: price
Cons: lousy formula with a terrible scent, lousy brush, no length or shine
Repurchase again?: No. What a disappointing mascara that lived up to zero of the claims advertised. Sad clown.

Product: Rimmel Sexy Curves (purple tube)
Pros: great double-helix style brush, great formula, price
Cons: spikes on brush can be sharp (watch the lash roots!)
Repurchase again?: Yes.

Product: Rimmel VolumeFlash (pink tube)
Pros: price, great formula that had potential to be quite messy but wasn't
Cons: had to be worked through with spoolie
Repurchase again?: No. Nothing against it, I have other drugstore mascaras I prefer.

Product: Bobbi Brown Extreme Party mascara
Pros: great defined lashes, tapered brush made it easy to get into corner lashes
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No. There are other high-end mascaras that I prefer.

Product: Chanel Inimitable Intense
Pros: great formula, functional molded plastic brush
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No. It's a good product, I just don't think it's as great as others for the price.

Product: Chanel Exceptionnel de Chanel in Noir Obscur (LE)
Pros: amazingly voluminous but cleanly defined lashes, FANTASTIC brush that alternates bristles with a comb (waaay before Revlon Double-Twist came out).
Cons: price, LE status
Repurchase again?: YES! If I could, I would repurchase this product in this shade. Alas, it was LE in October 2009.

Product: Maybelline Great Lash
Pros: dark formula, reputation (touted as the end-all/be-all of mascaras)
Cons: lousy wand/product delivery on lashes, smudges like CRAZY
Repurchase again?: No. How a tube of this stuff is sold every 3 seconds or whatever, I'll never understand.

Product: Estee Lauder More Than Mascara
Pros: clean definition, slight volume, good everyday mascara
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No. Not worth the dollars paid.

Product: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Mascara (Sapphire Blue) LE
Pros: amazingly bright blue shade, GREAT volume, GREAT length
Cons: LE, price
Repurchase again?: Yes. I adored this whole LE release of bright mascaras, which was pretty unexpected given the company that produced them (Estee Lauder aka your mother's cosmetic counter...but Tom Pecheaux is really turning things around).

Product: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Lifting
Pros: great formula, great tapered wand, great results!
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: Yes.

Product: Estee Lauder MagnaScopic
Pros: volume-building
Cons: price, clunky tube
Repurchase again?: No

Product: Estee Lauder Projectionist
Pros: lengthening formula did lengthen
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No

Product: Lancome Hypnose Drama
Pros: volumizing, lengthening, s-curved brush
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No. It's a good mascara, but I like other products better for the price point.

Product: Clinique Lash Doubling
Pros: mega lengthening
Cons: not exactly volumizing
Repurchase again?: Yes. Cheap enough.

Product: Dolce & Gabbana Mascara
Pros: lengthening more so than volumizing
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No. Not merited for the price and other products avail for equal or fewer dollars.

Product: DiorShow Mascara
Pros: none
Cons: price, wand, formula
Repurchase again?: No. I hated DiorShow and don't get why it's forever atop the "Best of" lists every single year. The brush is ridiculous, the formula is lousy and you can definitely get bigger bang for your buck with another brand.

Product: DiorShow Iconic Mascara
Pros: none
Cons: price, wand, formula
Repurchase again?: No. I hated the original DiorShow. DiorShow Iconic has a comb brush thing going on and it's just terrible. Nothing dramatic or iconic or awesome about this one.

Product: Benefit Bad Gal (blue and black)
Pros: volumizing
Cons: price
Repurchase again?: No. I used to like this, but since I've tried others, it's fallen into oblivion.

Product: Bourjois Volumizer mascara
Pros: two-step process involving one wand to separate lashes (beautifully!) and another to add volume
Cons: pretty wet formula, pretty fat tube, price
Repurchase again?: Yes. I actually love this mascara a LOT!

Product: Almay Dial-Up mascara
Pros: interesting delivery of product involving choosing which level of mascara you want (1=daytime, 2=nighttime, 3=weekend...apparently?), price
Cons: stiffening to lashes
Repurchase again?: No. I never go beyond 1 on the dial and even that seems like too much product. Interesting idea in theory, not practice.

Product: MAC Opulash
Pros: decent volume
Cons: large brush
Repurchase again?: No. A pretty lacklustre mascara, but MAC mascaras are generally not so great.

Product: Maybelline The Colossal Volum'Express
Pros: pretty good volume, price
Cons: ridiculous brush, clunky tube, stiff lashes
Repurchase again?: No. Stiff lashes ought to be illegal.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but this is.. pretty substantial, no?

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