Friday, January 7, 2011

CoverGirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation Review

Okay. I admit I kind of got sucked into the hype of this foundation in spite of it being a CoverGirl face product (most of which are so ridden with pink/cool undertones, I could weep). Maybe it was the multiple mag blurbs I read about it since Pat McGrath (BIG deal makeup artist, creative hotshot at P&G) used it in many a fashion show during the S/S 2011 NYFW... either way, I caved and purchased a tube of this stuff. Here we go.

CoverGirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation is meant to be a lightweight-feeling "silk" foundation. When I saw the term "silk", I freaked and got excited and thought, "Could this be the drugstore dupe of Armani Luminous Silk that I've been looking for forever since $60ish dollars a bottle is outrageous to pay for Armani?...MAYBE!"

Reality: NO DICE. The foundation, while very refreshing on the skin and actually almost.. cooling to the touch, is decent, the pink undertones are still pretty brutally present in this foundation's colour offerings. I most definitely bought the wrong shade for myself, but with no testers to figure it all out and no reference from Temptalia's foundation chart, I was left to my own devices which apparently are not that astute when I'm looking at bottle shade references versus my hand. Awful idea. This is the downside of being an early adopter of cosmetic products.

ANYWHO. I am probably anywhere from an NC35 to 42 right now (I swear it's a mood thing, but let it be known, my cheeks have little pigment while my forehead DOES). I mistakenly purchased shade 325 (Sandstone). When examining shade 330 and 335, they both seemed pretty pink. I look.. bizarre if I wear cool-toned foundations (as most warm-toned individuals do!), so the foundation was a litttttttle light but nothing that wasn't fixable courtesy of a little bronzer.

The coverage is light to medium coverage, and it is buildable but I was hesitant to build the coverage up due to the fact that I had a mismatched shade for my skin. The finish was pretty basic satin, nothing luminous or over the top. I guess the biggest selling factor is the more natural ingredients that essentially promise a more natural finish. That's pretty much what you get.

I think I paid maybe $13 CAD for this at WalMart. I probably wouldn't buy it again since I feel the undertones of the colours offered are just not at all appropriate for my East Indian skin, but the foundation itself seems fairly reliable for even-looking, smooth skin. Not one to really dig any testers WalMart has, I'd probably hunt this down at Walgreens, Shoppers or Duane Reade, etc. depending on where I am.

Sidebar: The marketing of this whole Natureluxe sub-brand is genius and getting Tay Swift on board was wise investment on P&G's part. Hoorah!

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