Wednesday, April 2, 2014

For Your Consideration: Deodorant

A couple years back, I broke out in a pretty heinous rash and discovered that I'd apparently developed a high intolerance to aluminum chlorohydrate. This chemical compound is the active ingredient found in virtually all antiperspirants on the market, as it is the ingredient that literally plugs your sweat glands and prevents them from releasing sweat.

I have minimal desire to hypothesize about the impact of aluminum chlorohydrate on one's overall health. Aluminum chlorohydrate has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease, both of which run in my family. I can't say I made the conscious effort to switch to a deodorant from an antiperspirant because of research findings linking the chemicals to the aforementioned illnesses, but I can say I'm happy to release toxins through sweating. That's a good, normal and healthy thing to do, at least in my opinion for my own existence. I suppose it's an inherently Western ideal to not sweat and avoid it like the plague, but if you plug those sweat glands up, where will the toxins go? That thought freaks me out, so I say let it out, and stick to deodorants that will help you neutralize your natural odour. If that's the best than can be done, then so be it!

I've tried deodorants from the following brands: Dove, Dove Men, Secret, Adidas, Dr. Hauschka, Nivea, Tom's of Maine, Weleda, Arm & Hammer, Kiss My Face, Lavilin, Lavanila, Green Beaver, Dr. Mist, Le Couvent De Minimes, Right Guard, Byly, Crystal, Fresh...... the list goes on. Many variables go into the successful pairing of a person and a deodorant, so naturally, some of these products weren't the best fit. Here are some deodorants I've tried and have repurchased in the past couple of years.

Okay, this stuff is available on, but it costs a small fortune. I only ever spot antiperspirants from Arm & Hammer in our Canadian drugstores, and I think maybe a deo or two, but the smell is totally different. I usually stock up on this particular product when in any American drugstore, or I get my dear mother (thanks mom!) to grab it in Publix when she's in Florida for $2.99. It's aluminum-free and paraben-free, smells fresh and very gender neutral. It won't compete too aggressively with any fragrance you choose to wear. This one didn't stop me from sweating, but it did inhibit any odour quite effectively.

This roll-on was a product I purchased on a whim from, of all places. I was pleasantly surprised at how effective this liquid is. It seems to have curbed both sweat and stench in one fell swipe (hehe), so it's my current go-to. I have a backup ready to rock, as I'm nearing the end of my first one. It has no smell of its own, which thrills me, but it does come in a sport scent and a lavender scent, neither of which sat well with me when I sought them out at Loblaws. One severely annoying downside to this deo: the packaging leaks like CRAZY, so it's a no-go for travel, especially air travel. Do not pack this on a trip, because the entire contents will leak out almost instantly. KISS MY FACE, if you can HEAR (read) ME, PLEASE REPACKAGE THIS FLUID!!

This was a recommendation from Lesa Hannah, who suggested I keep my pits guessing by switching up my deodorant on a regular basis. I ordered this one from and while it wasn't cheap, it does work well. Do follow directions and also note that a stick and cream version exist if roll-ons aren't your preferred method of application. There's apparently a fragrance-free version also floating around out there, but I haven't come across it to give it a whirl. The Lavilin scent is unoffensive and won't overbear your senses by any stretch.

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